Happy Friendship day – You and your friends feature on this page on the occasion of Friendship day !!

send friendship day wishes – This Friendship Day honour your friends and let them know how special they are to you with a cute and heartfelt Friendship Day Message. To enable you to reach out to your friends and also share the sweetness of your friendship with others we have dedicated this page to you and your friends. Send in a straight from the heart Friendship Message for your friends and we promise to post it on this Friendship Day Message page in this site dedicated to friendship.

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send friendship day wishes

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Hello Dear, I am doing well here.Hope you are fine there.Its been soo long I got u r attention But I m still living…You are really most important person in my life. You are a gorgious born with intelligence.You saved me when I was too young to contol my feelings. Yeah, It was My madness for u that saved me from other bad deeds of that age.You may not be my soul mate but u always have a special place in my life.And I got tell you about u r sister(i mean my lover) She is superb and she loves me at the utmost level ,cares me , understands me and accepts me the way I am .. It was late that I realised what I was for her.She doesnt expect but I am currently trying to be the best I could be for her. My dear,Where ever u r i hope you would stay safe and enjoy your life…and last but not the least.ITS JUST THE FORM OF LOVE6(Love->Friendship) THAT CHANGED ,NOT THE QUALITY OR QUANTITY .I will be always there for u when u need me..Just let me know it…I l be there ri8 infront of u. & 1 kind request:I have written something in u r slam book ,I just want u to change it to “The smile u wear makes u look much more gorgious .Stay more Gorgious baby..keep smiling ..And enjoy u r life..exclude grammatical errors please.



Happy friendship day



Hpy friendship day

Laxmi B:


Happy friendship day


Happy friendship day frds


Happy friend ship day to alll

To Varsha,
If you open my heart, guess what u r gonna see? It’s U. True friends are hard to find so I kept u.

Dear Friend,
FRIENDSHIP isn’t how U forGet but how U forGive,
Not how U liSten but how U UnderStand,
Not what U see but how U feel,
and not how U Let Go but how U hold oN!!!

Dear Friend,
If u r a chocolate ur the sweetest, if u r a Teddy Bear u r the most huggable, If u r a Star u r the Brightest, and since u r my “FRIEND” u r the “BEST”!!!!!!!!!

To Neel
I am really very happy with my friend Neelima. I always treat her as my special friend throughout my life i thank god 4 givng me such cute friend i lov her very much i always want her to be happy forever i really lov her vry much. But wen u will not be with me my life will be like a hell so i want ur frndshp forever n ever love u always my sweet heart.
I love you forever Ashwini

I thank and praise god for every memory of yours
You are stalwart and sunshine in the valley of life
May god continues to strengthen you with might
May He lights your path in every alley or night
And bless you with grace that is never ceasing.
Be my friend Ash (only in this life, because in our next life you know better what I want you to be)
I love you forever Ashwini
Neeraj Gupta

Hey Pinu,
Missing you so much. Always tried to being your best friend. But things not happened as I thought. May be we are far from each other. But I’ll always be there for you & try to make things as we dreamed of!
Wanna B Best Friend

I would like to wish my best friends Chaand, Aman and Deep. You guys are very nice and please don’t forget me. I really really miss you all.
Your’s best friend
Kapil Virdi

Sometimes, I forget to say hi,
Sometimes, I even miss to reply,
Sometimes, my message doesn’t reach you,
But, it doesn’t mean that I forget you,
I just giving you time to miss me!

First of all happy friendship day to all my friends. I believe there is no word in dictionary to express how good you feel when you have caring friends.


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