Sorry for the long wait and Thanks, For your support – Dealngain is going to be more interesting

One month back, suddenly dealngain stopped working with an frustrating account suspended page it is because the bandwidth and the disk usage has been exceeded. Since then i have been trying in all possible ways to get the site back to live. But Finally Dealngain Is Back.

Dealngain Is Back – Read The complete story here : 

The main problem started with the hosting provider. They did not even inform me of the suspension so i have to change my hosting provider, upgrade the new servers, upgrade the plans etc etc. i thought it is easy to do in one day but due to many personal and professional reasons, i did not get enough time to spend On this site. Also i don’t have any content writers or supporters to help me as i did not get enough time to do it.

But at last, On 27/07/17 i have decided to make my website live again and continue to help users with it. But i thought it would be great to start on Dealngain’s Birthday..!!

Yes, on 31st July 2016 Dealngain started and again on 31st July 2017 it has again got Live with more power and speed

I want to thank all those users who have been active with me on Facebook page where they have been supporting me.

Thanks For the Long support and sorry for the long wait.

Thank You.

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