Cigarette Free Recharge – Give a Miss Call and Get Rs 10-20 Free Recharge (Every One Will Get For Sure !!)

Cigarette Free Recharge – Give a Miss Call and Give Answer to Get Rs 10-20 Free Recharge. In this post you have to give a Miss Call To A Given Number and then you will get the Return Call from System which will you some questions regarding Cigarette. We have also added Answers. So Hurry up and Get the recharge !!

Cigarette Free Recharge

How to Get Cigarette Free Recharge Of Rs 10 – Rs 20 ?

1. First Take Your Phone And give A missed call To 07676294455 

2. Now You Will get A return Call.

3. Answer The Call And You Will Get About Some Launching Of A Cigarette

4. Now, It Will Ask For Some Question And You Just Press 1

5. Now It Will Ask For Customer Code, Enter 69330

6. Now, It Will Ask For Age, Enter Age – 25

7. Now Enter your favourite cigarette brand or Press 3

8. Now It will say that you will get recharge in 24 hrs And Your Call Will be cutted.

Now You Will Get Rs 10 or Rs 20 Recharge Soon.


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